Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing--BABIES! (In J's Words)

Introducing . . . (drum roll please) . . . the fabulous new additions to our family! Meet Gretchen ("Baby B") and Dexter ("Baby A") (probably “G” and “D” from now on, but I’m so happy with the names I had to share). Dexter was born 6 pounds, 4.8 ounces. Gretchen, or “Super-G” as we like to call her, was born 4 pounds, 12 ounces.

In the past week I have had no time to eat or sleep, let alone blog or catch up on any of the thousand e-mails waiting for me. Parenthood is the most beautiful experience in the world, but trying to keep up with the feeding of two insatiable tiny creatures is brutal. We’ve had a couple of night/day cycles where we’ve gotten less than an hour or two of sleep. Last night J suggested that he take over one feeding with pumped milk (a scary prospect, given that I’m pumping after every feeding but just barely staying ahead—we have to give them a lot of “top off” after every feeding because they’re so small), and I literally started to cry at the prospect.

Anyway, could write for hours, but I only have about five minutes. Thought that instead of trying to re-create the story through my eyes, I’d give you a sampling of J’s e-mails to our friends and family in the first week of our babies lives.


Hey folks,

here's the update from Wednesday morning - no time for personalized responses to all of your great thoughts.

Yesterday afternoon, after a very rough 24 hours, we finally had a lactation consult and it was life changing. Since then, we have had excellent feedings with both Gretchen and Dexter, every 2-3 hours. They are champion eaters both. Got into a great schedule last night - fed them both and sent them off to the nursery so we could sleep for 3 hours! They came back - we fed both again and sent them back to the nursery and we slept for 2 more hours. 5 hours for Holly with an hour break for feeding - a better sleep schedule than she's had in months and she is ecstatic. And caffeinated now, after some Starbucks this morning.

Dexter is eating now - so far not too traumatized by this morning's rude snipping. Gretch is out in the nursery getting checked by the pediatrician. Everyone seems healthy and happy. We're in the hospital for another night tonight and are debating whether to go on Thursday or stick around for one more day of support (assuming, of course, that Gretchen passes her car seat test - she's very small and when uncovered, shakes her arms uncontrollably - it's quite pathetic and cute).

Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts. More updates and pictures to come (but to be honest, all the pictures look the same at this point - when we get home, at least they'll have different clothes and surroundings).

-J and H


Just a couple more pictures. Can't resist the cobunking pictures. And there's a picture of Dexter and H trying to wade through the DC government bureaucracy to add the kids to the insurance (still unsuccessful).




Hey gang,

Here are some more pictures. Life is full of ups and downs here at the hospital. Dexter is getting better - we'll follow up with his heart condition - the irregular beat found at birth, but the cardiologist didn't think there was any issue.

Both kids have some jaundice and may need to get some light therapy. Gretchen hasn't pooped in awhile - the pediatrician is not concerned - just something to keep an eye on.

H is working out the breast feeding. She's had 3 lactation consults and all have taught her more than the last. She is honing her technique and her regular milk has come in.

Gretchen failed the car seat test today. She is too small for the seat we have. Any volunteers? We need a new car seat specifically designed with a minimum weight of 4lbs. Ours has a minimum of 5lbs and she doesn't fit right in it, even with blankets and special padding. We are being released tomorrow, so we need this tonight, ideally. Please contact me directly if you have the time to run this errand for us. There is a babies r us in Silver Spring with the correct seat, but there may be some available at other stores, like target - I haven't had time to research (if you can't make the run - maybe you can help with phone calls for me).

Thanks. Going home tomorrow. First pediatrician visit scheduled for Saturday - 8:30am!


Hey Gang,

Crisis averted for the moment - thanks for the offers of help. H's Dad was able to run out and get a car seat for us. We'll try it out in the morning.

More info later - waiting for real food from Armand's to arrive. Hot pizza - can't wait.




Hey Folks,

Hoping to be released this morning or some time today - they say check out is 11am, but no one believes it.

Kids are with the pediatrician for their routine morning check up. Jaundice appears to be getting better over night. Both kids had great digestive movement in the last 12 hours - especially Dexter, who had an epic movement last night (songs will be written).

Kids were demon twins last night as we had a double meltdown that lasted upwards of 5 hours, with occasional breaks - while one fed, the other screamed. Sometimes the feedee screamed as well. Thankfully, the feeder never lost her cool. Is it cute when Dexter wails so loud he gets hoarse? - sort of. At least it's quieter.

But after a night in the nursery (for two 2 hour stretches so we could sleep), two little angels appeared in our room this morning, content to eat and sleep.

Gretchen will go for her car seat test later this morning. No new pics today. They all start to look the same at this point. This weekend - we'll send out more. They'll be the same, but in different clothes and blankets with a new background. Perhaps some action shots of Valentine [the cat] hiding from them (a streak of black down the hall).



We are home!

Took forever to get out of the hospital, but we finally left at 4:30pm, just in time for rush hour.

Getting home wasn't too bad, though. We got home, fed them, ate dinner, and crashed for an hour.

We're finishing another feeding right now and hoping to get another couple of hours.

Now that we're home, I'll probably stop with the daily updates so we can all get on with our lives. Thanks for all the good thoughts.



And, of course, some more pictures:

The Family

Daddy and Skinny-Legged Super-G

Mommy and Floppy-Necked Dex


Ms. J said...

I felt so special to have gotten Daddy's updates along the way ;o)

I swear Super-G is smiling in that first photo!!!

Was thrilled Gretchen got to make it home with the rest of you (we had to do a carseat test with Peanut, too).

They are beautiful. I am so relieved for the four of you. Mazel tov!

Meggon Mae said...

They're beautiful! I've been checking daily waiting to hear the good news! So happy for you!

Newt said...


They're stunning! Oh, congratulations, little family! What fantastic little faces they have!

Kate said...

They're beautiful!!! Congratulations. Can't believe you got a photo with both wide-eyed and happy looking.
Love the photo with the baby hickies on your chest (at least I think that's what they are - K gives them to my DH too when she's rooting around unsuccessfully).

K77 said...

Ow wow, babies! Congratulations :)

Jill said...

They are SOOOO adorable! Congrats :)

Sue said...

What beautiful, perfect babies. Congratulations!

annacyclopedia said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!! I suddenly thought of you yesterday at some random moment, and thought, "I wonder..." And here they are! The names are BEAUTIFUL and the babies, well, they are transcendent and gorgeous and just WOW!

So glad breastfeeding is going well and it sounds like they are thriving already - fabulous news. I'm here if you need me for anything boob-info related, or for anything. Wish I was there to do your laundry and bring you food - I bet you are starving all the time with two little ones. In the early weeks I had to keep bananas and granola bars by my bed at all times, and I just had the one hungry lad.

Oh, my heart is so full for you!

Must stop exclamation marking and go look at pictures again. Congratulations, and welcome Gretchen and Dexter!

kate said...

WOW!!!!! Welcome to the world, Dex and Super-G!

They are gorgeous! And you guys look like the perfect happy little family-- surreal, huh???

I am heartily encouraged that you are able to breast feed, that it is working out so well. I really hope to be able to do so myself.

So what day were they actually born? And after all the insanity of the previous hospital stay, how was the birth? (No pressure to answer anytime soon, natch. Just curious...)

So, so, so, SO thrilled for you guys! This is just so awesome!!!

luxzia said...

I've lurked around your blog for awhile (I'm an IRL friend of Kate from The Bee in Your Bonnet)... but wanted to say congrats on your beautiful children and many warm wishes for you, your husband and your children!

Kristi said...

What a great update. Thank you for the great pictures they are adorable.

Dora said...

They're absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They look so very very cute!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

From a fellow mama of boy-girl twins, CONGRATULATIONS! They are just beautiful.

Glad that you're pursuing LC help aggressively -- it can make a huge difference.

Good luck with everything in these crazy, hazy early days!

Good Egg Hunting said...

Congratulations! Just so, so happy for you. Enjoy the little moments with those two!

Malloryn said...

Wow, they are beautiful! Congratulations to both of you. I hope that the feeding/sleeping rituals sort themselves out soon. It's has to be a tremendous challenge when there's two little onea. Congrats again and thank you for sharing the emails and pictures :)

Rebeccah said...

Oh so beautiful! I'm just thrilled for you ... TWO wonderful babies! Welcome to parenthood : )

Ms Heathen said...

Oh wow, they are GORGEOUS!

Congratulations to you both.

Barb said...

CONGRATS! Sorry I missed all this. I was out of my mind adjusting to my baby during this time. Happy to see you all healthy.

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