Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Shout Out (and a Pink Rose) to Io


Just when you think infertility has dumped all of the world’s unfairness right in your lap, life comes at you and kicks you in the balls.

I’m referring my dear friend Io, who has had the shit kicked out of her by the Real World (not the fake Real World on TV, the real Real World on Planet Earth) this month. It’s easy, when wallowing in the mud pit of infertility, to forget that there are other bad things that can happen to you, that there are other ways you can get hurt, that there are other forces out there that can smash your dreams into smithereens.

Io’s been through a lot. A few months ago, she and her fabulous husband, A, plunked down the bulk of their savings for sperm-extracting surgery, step one on their two-step plan to have a baby. Step two was to save every spare penny for IVF. This step might take as long as a year or more, time while she was resigned to watch the rest of us gorge on insurance-covered IVF, shared-risk plans, or other “affordable” options. Granted, participation in an IVF or FET cycle is no treat. But imagine being the pillar of support for everyone else that’s going through it, while you wait and save and hope that someday you too can join the miserable party.

This is what Io’s been doing. And she’s been a real trooper about it.

So imagine our dismay when she found out earlier this month that A didn’t pass the bar. No biggie, right? That’s what we all told her (I’m feeling particularly guilty about this). People fail the bar the first time all the time. They don’t lose their jobs, nothing bad really happens. They just take it again, right?

But A did lose his job. Only days later. And now he’s devastated and brokenhearted. I can’t imagine how awful he feels, and how hard it must be for her to watch him hurting like that. And what’s she supposed to say to make him feel better? That it isn’t a problem? That this isn’t a setback? All that saving, that scrimping and hoping and saving, now that money going to pay the bills while A looks for a new job. And Io might have to leave a job she loves, just so she can support them for awhile.

And the think about this that sucks the worst, that just seems so wrong to me, is that it has nothing to do with infertility. It’s just life. Raw, rotten, sucky, brutal life. And as much as I seem to have come to terms with how unfair infertility itself is, I am having trouble wrapping my head around this flavor of unfairness. The kind that snatches away your hopes and dreams, the kind that has no relationship to science or nature.

Io, you’ve meant so much to me. You were one of my first friends out here, and you’ve been strong for all of us even when you couldn’t play along. And now you have to be strong for A, to show him how much he’s worth, even when he feels like he’s nothing. And you have to be strong for you, to hold yourself together when it’s all falling apart. I know you can handle this. I know you will see it through, and that you and A will find the right track again. But I’m cursing the universe for you, my friend. Because it isn’t fair that one person should have to be so strong for so long, with no reward.

So I’m passing on my pink rose to you, honey. I wish I could pass on luck, or money, or a job for A, or even peace of mind. But I’m all out of those. So I just pass on my thoughts, and perhaps give a place for others who are worried about you to comment as well.

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kate said...

This is really sweet. I'm glad you did this for Io. I have been hurting for her since she wrote about her circumstances, and have been trying to find a way to write more about it without being too pushy or weird or whatever. What you wrote is just right.

Count me in as a big "ME, TOO."

Jen said...

I love Io. I couldn't have said it any better (or anywhere close to as sweet) as you.

Emily said...

what a wonderful post and hommage to Io. I miss her too.

Joonie said...

This is so beautifully written, all I can do is echo your sentiment.

Shinejil said...

Here, here! I'm with you on this. Io is the best. And now so quiet. Boo hoo.

beautycourage said...

Such a sweet tribute to lo- and it looks like it meant a lot to her, as well.

Thanks for your comment on my post- as a result I went back and added to the post and offered a bit of an interpretation of the fert results- to save you the trip, basically 9 is good but usually things start to fall apart between now and the transfer, so I am not overly optimistic... and you are so right, I AM exhausted! I didn't even think of that myself for some reason! Thank you :)

Barb said...

That's a beautiful dedication for a really crappy situation in life. Life is not fair or easy or always pretty. It took me a long time to start to really accept that. I wish it could be more fair.

I'm glad you started commenting on my blog. :)

Pamela Jeanne said...

Unfortunately, IF can totally distract and keep us from seeing all the other ways that life is unfair. I'm so ready to see this turn around for IO and A and all who've been kicked around by unfairness -- it's time to balance the scales! Time for the fairness part...

La La said...

::sigh:: There are no words, you said it exactly.

DC said...

You are so on target with this post. Io's blog is one of my favorites, and she's had such a tough go of things (amongst a group of people who are all having their share of problems).

I wish you the best on your journey to parenthood.

I am new to the blogosphere (although I've been lurking for months). Please stop by my blog if you get a chance.