Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Papi ! ! !

I was just about to post a comment on Kate's blog (sorry Kate), when my television erupted. Big Papi just hit a grand slam!!!

I'm taking this as a positive sign for tomorrow's testing. If Papi can pull out of his slump, maybe I can hit a grand slam too.


J just called from work, on his break. I told him that Big Papi had hit a grand slam, thinking that this would make his night. You know what he said? "Oh." Long pause. "I didn't start him tonight."

Fantasy baseball strikes again.




Ms. J said...


That is soooo classic :o)

Shinejil said...

Good luck today, Babychaser!

Jen said...

Good luck today! You're on my mind. I'm hoping to check back later this afternoon and hear good news. :)